Submit Your Testimonial

Submit Your Testimonial

Tell us about your experience!

At Rapid Oil and Lube, customer service is our number one priority. It is our hope to make every oil change experience a positive one. If you enjoyed your service, let us know! If you didn't, let us know and we will do what we can to change your mind about us!

Todd and coworkers went over and beyond to help us with additional issues and taught us how to result oil life. No wait time and excellent service.

Sheri J.

Been going to them for years! Great service and great people. And it's locally owned and operated!!!

Chris C.

Always do a great job. Make sure you leave a Tip Too.

Johnnie W.

Called, asked about an appointment. They advised that they are drop-in.
When I arrived, I asked ironically, "you busy?" (They weren't. It's a joke!)
They changed my oil, affixed a sticker for next time. While I was in the bay, a couple more customers pulled up -- look what I started!
The staff was friendly and efficient, and since this is less than a mile from my house I will be back

Karen D.

Called, asked about an appointment. They advised that they are drop-in.
When I arrived, I asked ironically, "you busy?" (They weren't. It's a joke!)
They changed my oil, affixed a sticker for next time. While I was in the bay, a couple more customers pulled up -- look what I started!
The staff was friendly and efficient, and since this is less than a mile from my house I will be back

Karen D.

They were so professional and so nice!! They showed me my air filter and showed me the new one they put in! They showed me my new clean oil as well! The guy told me that if I ever need air in my tire to come back and they will fill it it for free. They were so polite and just so nice! Most oil change places are just trying to sell you stuff and make money. They genuinely cared. Thank you so much for your help!

Briona B.

Super fast and didn't hurt the wallet, also the car wash is right around the corner for an added combo

Sean F.

Went for oil change. They also checked all my lights on my car, and reminded me I can stop in and get the fluids in my car topped off.

Anette H.

I have been going here for over 10 years. The owner is great as is Darrel. Great quality work. Well worth the money.

Deb F.

Great customer service and honest.

Keith F.

These guys are always friendly and efficient!

Rachelle J.

Honest People. Never a problem.

Deborah F.

We've been getting our oil changed here for a long time. The great service and kindness keeps us coming back! Highly recommend coming here for oil changes.


Great guys. They fill my tires up for me on the winter time. Appreciate there customer service.

Carsondra George

I'm always blown away by the high-quality, professional service provided by Rapid Oil and Lube, as well as the kindness with which they treat their customers. The people at RO&L are always willing to help and go the extra mile for you.

Totesumi Noneyobiznas

I had my oil changed, they are courteous and it's compatible to other places. It is literally across the street from where I live.

Mary Joyce

The guys here take care of you even between oil changes.

Papa Bear

Quick story, I had just had had some front end work done and my car was creaking real bad. I stopped for an oil change here and the mechanic let me know he had noticed I had all brand new parts on the front end but the shop that did the work didn't lube them at all! He let me know he hooked me up while he was down there changing my oil filter. It's little things like that that keep me coming back to this shop for my oil change every time. Great guys, great shop, locally owned and operated.

Tyler Kazy

I was in on a Wednesday, needing my oil changed and having a bad day getting my car started. The staff there were extremely professional and kind to me when my vehicle died in the shop. They did absolutely everything they could to help me avoid a tow truck; the head mechanic even brought his own truck around the building to jump my car. I couldn't help but laugh when he gave me a fist bump after the engine finally roared to life. Overall, it was a great experience that made my crappy day a lot better. Nothing else to say except, WOW!! Thank you to everyone at Rapid Oil! Keep it up!

Aislynn Cervantes

Just left this place after my car pretty much freaked out after waiting a few weeks over on an oil change. They were right near my home so I called and pulled right in. Everyone was really nice and didn't make me feel awful for missing my oil change. The best part was that there was no pressure to upgrade my oil or "sell" me on anything. As a woman, this made me feel like I was in good hands and not being taken advantage of. I appreciated how friendly and efficient they were. In the end, this was a great place to drop in to.

Amy Deel

Super nice people fast fair priced individually owned

James Greenland

Best place for an oil change. Very honest and reliable people. I recommend them to everyone I know.

liz detz

Awesome group of guys! Funnny and handsome too. I drive from Holland to get my oil changed here because they always take good care of me, fair prices and honest!!
I never thought I would look forward to oil changes but they are so quick and friendly I tell everyone to go here.

Heather Varga

Very fast oil change and friendly/knowledgeable staff. Was shown my requested oil was brand new and unopened, before they poured it in. Was shown the condition of my air filter and recommended I wait on replacing it. Was shown the oil level on my car before/after they replaced it. And finally the mechanic made sure to reset the oil life meter on my dashboard, and explained how to do that as well. A+ service and fair prices. Thanks!

Patrick Makarewicz

Great experience. They showed me everything. I saw them remove oil filter, throw it away and replace it. They showed and explained why my 2015 Subie requires synthetic oil. As a woman, it was awesome!

Jenny Underhill

I cannot recommend these guys enough! They are always friendly, helpful, and trustworthy.

Nathan Kurth

Very quick, staff was very nice and polite, good price.

Jenny L

The staff and owner are all so nice and professional. They really go above and beyond. I appreciate that they never waste my time trying to sell me something I don't need. I moved closer to 28th street years ago and still drive across town to get my oil changed.

Megan seelye

Wow, that is all I can say. These guys go above and beyond for their customers. It is a rarity these days to find such great service.

Matthew Oberlin

Honest people with fantastic service at a very affordable price. Got my car repiared for half the price compared to last time what i paid at goodyear.
i am definitely coming back whenever my car needs a repair...

Avinash Motwani

Checked every aspect of my car with friendly service!

lindsey johnson

They are great! Honest, never any pressure, fast and affordable.


The mechanics here are great. They gave my dog treats, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and were very fast.

5/5 would take my dog here again

Jake A

Always good service!!

Ralph Neely

Great staff. Very helpful and nice!

Tim Emelander

The staff here is very courteous and go the distance to help customers. I would recommend them to anyone trying to get an oil change from a reliable shop.

Jacob Taylor

Quick and friendly service!

Lindsay Vronko

Nice folk, great service!

Robert Z

Great place for an oil change, free topoffs in between.

Rick Malski

Always great service!

Chelsea G

Great Service

scott benton

I've taken my car here for the past few oil changes and I say they do a pretty great job!

The haven't tried to up sell me on anything and tell me the truth. Like today I was told my filter would probably need to be changed next time, unlike another place in the past that tried to tell me I needed to change it every time I went, even though they changed it the last time.

They top off your fluids, air in your tires and also do a light, brake and signal light test before you leave.

I appreciate their kindness and customer service.

I've only had to wait once for a car in front of me and it was only for 5 minutes. Overall you are in and out in about 10 minutes. I recommend others to go here too!

Tiffany W.

Just heard about this place today. Has to be the fasted and nicest group of guys who have ever changed my oil. Seriously, it was a relief to not have someone trying to up-sell me the whole time I was there. My experience today was exactly what I hoped for after reading other positive reviews before I came in. I brought my 2014 Ford Edge there today and I'll be bringing our other vehicles there next week. I have a new favorite place for when I need an oil change on the go! First time in my 38 years that I left paying less than I expected for a freaking oil change.

Tim W.

Fast and Friendly! They got me right in of course and didn't try to sell me a bunch of extras I didn't need. Added an air filter since it was less than when I get it myself at the parts store!

Mary S.

For oil changes, I usually take my car to the dealership, which results in trying to be up-sold on my cars needs and feeling like I'm getting ripped off. I pulled in, was help right away and was treated respectfully! The service was so very quick and I left feeling really great about my experience. I will be back!

Margo M.

Good people. My go to oil change spot. Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Chuck T.

I've been bringing my car here for oil changes for the past 2 years now, and am always impressed with the service. They're so friendly and honest.

Kaitlin M.

Staff very nice, and took time to explain any questions I had.

Chelsi H.

Great guys! Great service!

Nikki W.